Mr. Raffarrin: I've borne witness to GD's 40-years development

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The launching ceremony of the documentary. [Photo provided by Guangdong Radio and Television]

“I am the best witness to Guangdong’s 40-years development and I love the province, it is a window to showcase China’s achievements of reform and opening up,” said Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former French Prime Minister at a documentary launching ceremony in Guangdong on April 7.

With the theme of “Through the Eyes of International Political Dignitaries: Recap on Guangdong’s Achievements After China’s Reform and Opening Up Over the Past Four Decades”, the documentary is one of a series of activities held by Guangdong to mark the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up.

It will be jointly directed by the Publicity Department of Guangdong and the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Government.

The documentary will interview a number of international senior politicians including Mr. Raffarrin. He will share his thoughts on Guangdong’s development, and tell the stories of how he has interacted with Guangdong people.

Mr. Zheng Yanxiong, Executive Deputy Director General of Guangdong’s Publicity Department. [Photo /]

Mr. Zheng Yanxiong, Executive Deputy Director General of Guangdong’s Publicity Department, said in his speech that Mr. Raffarrin is a true old friend of China, who paid his first visit to Guangzhou in 1976. After that, he has been to the country dozens of times and Guangdong over 20 times. He has stood witness to Guangdong’s amazing accomplishments over the past decades.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former French Prime Minister. [Photo /]

Mr. Raffarrin said France can partner with China in many areas including politics, economy, society and culture. For Guangdong, it can be regarded as the foreland for China to conduct international cooperation.

He also believes that better development between China and France can be reached if both sides establish a profound friendship.

Mr. Zheng sent a special gift to Mr. Raffarrin. [Photo provided by Guangdong Radio and Television]

Backgrounder of the documentary

The documentary plans to interview French living in Guangdong, with their stories to promote the province to more people around the world.

Cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Shaoguan, Jiangmen and Chaozhou are listed as the filming spots.

It is to be launched at this year’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Forum on International Communication and brought to the world via one of France’s major media channels, TV5 Monde.

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